About the Bone Roller

Hello. My name is Jakob and I am a music addict.

I own a lot of CDs I don’t listen to. Not because they’re not worth listening to, but once you own more than a few dozen there just isn’t time for repeat listens. No matter how beloved or worthy an album is.

This blog is an excuse for me to pull CDs, ones that have been collecting dust for years, off one of six IKEA Benno CD towers and embark upon a journey of (re)discovery.

Sometimes I discover discs I’d forgotten exist, occasionally I discover I don’t really like certain albums as much as I thought I did and, most often, I discover something about myself.

Music Library Tip: No one needs to own more than 50 albums on any format, CD vinyl, cassette, whatever floats your boat. If you chose them wisely, they’ll last you a lifetime of listening pleasure. If you must add a new album to the collection, I highly suggest sacrificing an existing one. If the new album doesn’t so outshine any of the other albums that the choice is really easy, it’s just going to be shelf clutter. Perhaps there’s a few you feel you need to own for nostalgic reasons that you never seriously intend to listen to, I guess that’s fine. Those can be considered exceptions; those albums are essentially bric-a-brac and not music anymore. Be careful not to let it get out of control, almost my entire collection is bric-a-brac.

As Stephen Stills says, “Love the one[s] you’re with.”

The System

To keep things as random as possible, I roll some nerd dice to select the disc. Currently, I roll 1d6 to choose the CD tower, 1D12 to select the shelf and 1d20 picks the disc.

Paying close attention to the rolls at the top of the posts, a reader might be tempted to call shenanigans. Assuming my CDs are in alphabetical order, the numbers don’t, pardon the pun, add up. This is because I started off with four shelves and a complicated 2d10 system because all I had were d10s, leftover from a misspent youth. Although, if you go through this entire blog checking every roll to catch me out, I humbly suggest there’s a greater issue here. The issue is in your head.

A NOTE ON SUBMISSIONS: Please don’t send them. I don’t review anything that isn’t already in my collection. PLEASE STOP SENDING ME YOUR BANDCAMP LINKS.

Some other stuff I do:

Arachnidiscs – A small music label I run. Music for and by weirdos.

Moonwood – My main music project (psychedelic – space-rock/kraut and improv freak-folk).

BABEL – My other music project. (Avant-improv guitar, noise-ambient and instrumental post-rock)

TRANZMIT – A sound collage / electronic off-shoot of BABEL.

Nerd Hurdles – A podcast I co-host with my partner, Mandi, about appreciating (or not appreciating) nerdy stuff (with snark).


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