Dum Dum Girls: I Will Be

July 21, 2010

This week’s roll: 2 1 19
I Will Be by Dum Dum Girls

This is probably the closest to an actual new release Bone Rolling Reviews has dished up for me.

Finally. Here’s proof I am hip and am down with current bands. Except I don’t really like this one that much and it’s probably not staying in my collection.

For a record that’s so far up my alley it’s landed in the next town, I Will Be leaves me strangely looking for an exit.

Ricochet sharp drums? Check. Transistor radio static guitars? Check. No more than three chords? Check. Copious reverb? Well, enough. Sure, call that a check too.

In short it’s everything The Raveonettes learned from Jesus and Mary Chain mixed with a little Joan Jett brashness. Not a bad concept except the songs are just not very good. “Bhang Bhang, I’m a Burnout” and “Jail La La” have obvious hooks, but they’re gratingly obvious. All icing and no cake.

The icing in question was no doubt provided by veteran producer Richard Gottehrer. And make no mistake, the icing is delicious. But no matter how expertly prepared, too much icing leaves you feeling sick and empty.

After several servings I have to admit “Blank Girl” is a truly excellent song. A gourmet cupcake of a trashcan duet full of that Phil Spector magic everyone seems to be hungry for these days.

But that still leaves a lot of filler in an album that’s less than half an hour in length. Come to think of it, part of the appeal of  “Blank Girl” is the fact Kirsten Gundred shares vocal duties with Brandon Welchez of Crocodiles. I just don’t enjoy her voice. Not hearing it for half the song appeals to me.

Which is odd since at times it’s reminiscent of Siouxsie Sioux‘s and has a touch of Martina Topley Bird‘s cracking warble of which I’m so fond. Apparently I can be infinitely finicky when it comes to shouty female vocalists.

I really like this new school of rock’n’roll revivalism. I just don’t like this particular student. Final grade: C-


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